Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Secrets of a Gentleman - The Forgotten Arts of Grooming and Deportment

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Long have I felt the calling towards the mysterious and compelling world of gentleman’s style. We live in dark times, men are often uncomfortable expressing themselves through their outward appearance, leading to a generic downgrading of apparel and grooming. Though on one hand the suggestion that “the clothes maketh the man” may seem flippant and narcissistic, I would like to posit that it is quite the opposite. Through caring about ourselves, we are able to care more for others. A slapdash, uncaring approach to oneself is hardly the way to build the sort of self esteem required to act in a selfless way, to give generously to ones fellow man or woman.

I would not like to suggest for a moment that there should be a prescribed code of dress for the gentleman of today. We have seen this in past eras, and though this has created some wonderful fashion, it has also straight-jacketted the individual. On top of this, many a cad and a rogue has been able to hide behind the fine trappings of a gentleman’s dress code, and in so doing, abuse the very power vested in him by his fine appearance. Today’s man faces a plethora of challenges that did not stand in the way of his counterpart from yesteryear. While there is more choice than ever before, what you see is an increasing lack of inspiration in the world of men’s attire. An overt casualization of dress has lead to fashion atrocities becoming acceptable on a daily basis. I am not suggesting that one must wear a dinner suit and starched collar to all occasions. There is room for comfort and, dare I say, casual attire, in the gentleman’s arsenal of fashion.

In this communiqué (or blog as some prefer to call it), I will build a veritable fortress of men’s style, grooming and deportment tips. From A-Z, no stone will be left unturned. Whilst I shall impart many of my own thoughts gleaned from a lifetime of searching. I will also speak to men and women in the field who I believe have amassed wisdom that should be shared. One’s appearance is an ongoing work in progress, the challenges are endless and when an area is mastered it is easy to find oneself undone in another. It is only through sharing our successes and our failures that we can learn to look better, feel better and grow into our true selves.

In the spirit of gentlemanliness, I shall be recommending the products and artisans that I myself use, at the same time I shall talk about other options which, though they do not suit Mikelangelo’s personal needs, you may find useful. The Secrets Of A Gentleman will be a bi-weekly communiqué, if you feel you are in urgent need of advice or support between bulletins by all means get in touch with me directly and I will do what I can to help. Feel free to refer your friends and colleagues to my column if you feel they are in need of guidance.

I can reveal now that in early updates there will be an expose on ‘Antons’, the fabulous men’s fashion shop in Melbourne and Sydney, and I will also be doing a feature on my pomade of choice – ‘Black Diamond’.

I live in Melbourne, a city that has a leading edge in fashion and the arts. While drawing strongly on local knowledge, this will be a truly international forum, with transcontinental dialogue between cities and specialists, with whom I have developed close relationships throughout my life as a globe trotting crooner and impresario. Together we can change the world as we know it, one gentleman at a time.

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